Free-Range Chickens & homemade food

Full Cocotte 

Whole chicken

R 155

Cocotte Half Chicken R 84

Cocotte Breast R 49

Quarter Leg  R 49

Drum stick and thigh

Cocotte Potatoes medium R29  family R39

Cocotte Sides

French coleslaw, potato salad with homemade mayo  from R 32
Greek salad medium R 59 large R 79
Chickpeas salad, Couscous salad  from  R 44

Cocotte Chicken Sandwich R 54

with baguette and homemade mayo  

Cocotte Club Sandwich  R 69

Beverages  from R 19

Still and Sparkling water R 19, Coke and Sprite R21, BOS Iced Tea R 21,  Juicebox R 23